Vintage Photo and Document Scanning and Restoration In Houston Texas

Photo Print and Document Scanning

JPS Photo Restoration accepts photos and documents of any size, shape, condition or age, including black and white and color prints, tintype photos and all kinds of paper documents as well as other flat items such as 45 rpm records. We also do professional product type photography of small three dimensional memory items

All photos, documents and other memory items are handled carefully with white gloves and scanned by hand in high resolution on professional, color calibrated equipment. Prices include dust removal from the original media with anti-static brush and compressed air and wet cloth cleaning if needed. Image rotation, color cast and exposure correction and minor software based dust and scratch removal on the digital image is also included in the price of scanning.

Digital image files will be available to you in high quality jpg format on your own private, password protected online gallery where you can view, share with family and friends and download any or all of the images. Images are also available in uncompressed tif and PDF format on DVD or flash drive, custom digital album and PDF flip book.

If you have any questions about our service, please see our Q&A page or our Contact page.
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